What is advanced web authoring

Advanced web authoring is knowing how to create websites that are more than simply just static websites. Advanced web authors have skills in web design as well as critical thinking and quanitative reasoning. Advanced web authors use all sorts of different computer programs in order to help create these websites. I believe it is the work of professional writer because professional writers may be required to help create websites and web content.

WTF Project


For this porject I really thought it would be a cool idea if I tried to make a simple browser game for my portfolio with the use of JS. This is a stretch for my current skill level since I really have no experience using JS other than the online quiz module we had this semester. My class did not work on any JS in my 210 class and that is why I think this would be a good porject and help me to further my skills pertaining to JS.


during this part of the project I learned that I had bit off much more than I couls possibly chew. My original plan was to make a small platforming game and I quickly realized that there was much more that went into these games than I had realized. So I decided to revaluate my process and contruct the game pong. I used numerous online guides and online videos that taught me the ins and outs of making a game like this with JS.


the end result of this project was bittersweet to me. I believe that I truly learned a lot about how JS works and the different things that you can do with the language. However after finishing my code and uploading it I discovered that the game would not run. I reviewed the code over and over again for any sort of clue as to what was wrong but I continualy came up empty handed. I am not sure if maybe it was a browser issue or something along those lines but I am continuing to pursue the issue and see if there is a way I can correct it. I will continue to learn more about things like this over the coming summer because it is something that truly interests me and I would love to hone my skills and become proficient at it. All in all I would say that was a very eye opening experience for me from the perspective of a web author. I will include the link to my attempted game in the section that has my other modules.